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What is Tank Telemetry?

Gone are the days of not knowing how many gallons of water you have left in your tank. Through cellular connectivity, Tank Telemetry monitors water levels with a sensor, set inside your tank, sending water level data to your computer or smart device

You can then send that info to The Water Depot or any water delivery company in your area making your job so much easier. It's that simple.

With this device installed, you can enroll in our Automatic Refill Program.


Can be set up for automatic refills.

Keeps you informed of how many gallons are in your tank (within a 98-99% accuracy).

Sends low level alerts directly to your cell phone.

Overuse Alerts sent directly to your cell phone.

Keeps track of how many days until your tank is empty.

Less than 70 cents a day

What is the cost of Tank Telemetry?

$20 per month with $75 Installation fee. (Requires a two year lease agreement)
Fees cover telemetry equipment lease and cellular connectivity.

If you have more questions, or want to get started, please contact us HERE