The Water Depot
Trucks and Map


Water Delivery

Our water is drinkable, The Water Depot can deliver up to 2350 gallons of potable water per load. This can be used for rural residential households, commercial applications, irrigation, agriculture, livestock, refilling ponds, and to fill pools and hot tubs.

We can deliver as often as you need us too.  We can set up schedules or you can call us and schedule a time for us to deliver, please allow 24 hours for scheduling purposes. Ask about our Automatic Refill Program.



We can accept Cash, Check, Visa, American Express, and Master Card for your payments.

Delivery Area

Serving all of Douglas County. However, we can deliver further with an extra fee.

Our fee is based on distance from the Roseburg and Oakland areas.


Besides the 2350 tank on the truck, we use a 3” Honda pump and corresponding hard and flat hoses to safely and quickly unload the water.

Tanks Vs. Wells

While it is never a bad idea to have a well, some wells are contaminated and have unusable water. They can sometimes be slow while your water consumption might be high.  If you can’t get enough water from the well then having extra water delivered on site is necessary.  

Drilling a well can be in excess of $5000, while a tank will give you enough water without the expense of drilling. 

Advantages of Tanks:

Tanks are a cheap and popular method to store water. Tank storage can be 250 gallons to 2500 gallons and higher, making it quick and easy to deliver and use the water where construction of wells is very costly due to drilling hard rock surface.

Use of additional water from rainfall is possible through tanks.  Water collection off of roofs can be used and stored in the tanks.

Disadvantage of wells:

The initial installation costs of wells are higher because of the pump materials, well-drilling costs, and the additional labor required. The organics in the water can clog the filter at the pump or the nozzles in the heads, resulting in more maintenance for the water system.

Wells may also contain:
Sulfer, Arsenic, Salt, Iron, harmful bacteria, Insecticide and pesticide runoff from agriculture.