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Experience A New Peace of Mind

There is plenty to worry about in life without stressing over how much water you have. With our Automatic Refill Program, we monitor your water levels, so you don’t have to, and refill your tanks as necessary. This ensures that you have water when you need it.

With this program, you never have to worry about running out of water or having to schedule a delivery.

Anticipating Your Needs

At The Water Depot, we work hard to create a customer experience that is easy and enjoyable. When you sign up for our Automatic Refill Program, we set you up with our advanced hardware and software, which accurately tracks your water levels and sends you daily updates on your water usage and will notify you when it is time to schedule you for a delivery. At The Water Depot, we watch the tank levels to ensure your tank never runs out. Instead of worrying about your tank levels, you can spend your time and energy on much more important things than your water!

Automatic delivery benefits

More and more people are taking advantage of our Automatic Refill Program because of the many benefits.
  • Gone are the days of guessing how many gallons of water you have left in your tank, saving you time — Never having to worry about emergent water needs, means never having to take time off from work as you wait for a refill. We do all the work for you, you don’t have to waste time measuring and monitoring your water levels.

  • Save money — With the Automatic Refill Program you know how many gallons your tank can receive from a delivery, ensuring you get the most water for your money, which can result in fewer deliveries throughout the year.

  • No more surprises, our tank monitoring system, virtually eliminates the possibility of running out of water. This is great, no more running out of water while taking a shower! Burrr!

  • As a member of our Automatic Refill Program, you never have to worry about calling to schedule a delivery. We keep an eye on your tank level so you don’t have too.

  • Reports daily, how many gallons, not inches, of water you have in your tank (within a 98-99% accuracy).

  • Sends low level alerts directly to your email or cell phone or both.

  • Sends overuse alerts directly to your email or cell phone or both.

  • Calculates how many days until your tank is empty.

  • Calculates your average daily use.

  • Priority deliveries, helps with scheduling your deliveries, especially during the busy summer season, to ensure uninterrupted water flow. As members of the Automatic Refill Program we want to ensure that you always receive the best you deserve.

  • Probably the greatest benefit is Peace of Mind.

Cost of the program

We offer this service free to our customers who have our Tank Telemetry equipment installed.
Click HERE for more information on Tank Telemetry.

Please contact us to get started!